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Designed to crash though thick shallow cover, rip through grass, or be burned through open water, the 6th Sense Crush Squarebill 100X Crankbait provides a big-bodied profile that’s ideal when you need to fish aggressively to trigger a reaction bite. Creating fast-twitch random movements on the retrieve, the Crush Squarebill Crankbaits deliver hard-wobbling action with deadly deflection capabilities and razor-sharp size#2 black nickel treble hooks that simply catch more fish.


Built with a faint rattle chamber that creates a light knocking sound to provoke strikes from spooky fish, the Crush 100X is engineered to back out of snags quickly and reduce hang-ups with a highly buoyant construction. Available in a range of premium paint schemes, the 6th Sense Crush Squarebill 100X Crankbait is finished with realistic 3D gill plates, 3D eyes, and 3D scaling that really bring this hard bait to life.



Length:  2.75"

Weight:  5/8oz

Dives:  2-5 feet

Hook Size:  #2 (front and back)

6th Sense Crush 100X (Faint Rattle) Square Bill Crankbait

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