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You've never seen a lipless crankbait like it! The 6th Sense® Quake Lipless Crankbait has an action unlike most typical lipless crankbaits on the market. It utilizes a dual flat back design so it grabs more water and increases vibration. These added vibrations produce a different thump and feel to the fish which results in more bites and more strikes. Other quality features include razor-sharp black nickel hooks, high-definition scales and gill plates, along with a premium paint scheme.


  • Dual flat back design
  • Grabs more water and increases vibration
  • Razor-sharp black nickel hooks
  • High-definition scales and gill plates
  • Premium paint scheme



Length:  3.15 inches

Weight:  1/2oz

Dives:  2-3 feet

Hook Size:  #1 (front and back)

6th Sense Quake 80 (Suspending) Lipless Crankbait

$11.99 Precio
$9.59Precio de oferta
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