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The Sebile Magic Swimmer is well known to anglers who compete in professional US fishing tournaments. The real life action of the Magic Swimmer will fool the most finicky fish. The body is jointed in three parts to function together for a naturally free-swimming motion guaranteed to trigger strikes. As the Magic Swimmer subtly moves through the water its sound chamber emits a discrete chatter. Superior balance allows for excellent casting and a steady retrieve at a variety of depths. Perfect for both saltwater and freshwater fishing conditions.

Swim the lure slow or fast, at your discretion, as allowed by the bait's perfect balance. Each twitch of the rod sends the Swimmer into an erratic lunge that signals predators it is weak and vulnerable prey. Its natural swimming action even during steady retrieves is just too much for most game fish to resist and is effective when cast, trolled or even on a drop shot rig.

  • High-end hooks
  • Maximum forward buoyancy for optimal lifelike swimming action


Length:  3-3/4"

Weight:  3/8 oz

Depth:  Wake - 1.5ft

Hook Size:  6


Sebile Magic Swimmer 95 Wake Swimmer (Fresh / Saltwater)

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