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Googan Green Series Go-To Casting Rod 2-Piece
  • Googan Green Series Go-To Casting Rod 2-Piece

    If you're looking for that one do-it-all casting rod, the Googan Squad Go-To is the one for you. Hard baits, soft baits, jigs, topwaters, and nearly everything in between, this medium-heavy powered casting rod will do it all. The fast action keeps the rod bend closer to the tip, helping you make quick hooksets. If you're looking for that do-it-all bass casting rod, this might be your new go-to. Rods - Fast action to set the hook. Medium-fast power to handle a variety of lures. Medium length and butt length to allow for a variety of situations and lures. Jack of all trades, master of some.



      • Ceramic Guides 
        • For long and buttery smooth casts that hold up to the abuse of braided lines. 
      • Composite 24/30 ton carbon blanks 
        • For strength, sensitivity & durability
      • EVA Foam/Cork Handle
        • For durability & all-day comfort 
      • Measuring tape ruler on the rod 
        • To verify your PB 



      • Type - Casting
      • Length - 7'
      • Power - Medium Heavy
      • Action - Fast
      • Two Piece Rod Blank
        $109.99 通常価格
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