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Googan Squad Rival Glide Bait
  • Googan Squad Rival Glide Bait

    7" - 2.1 oz .  The Googan Squad Rival glide bait was designed to help you catch the biggest bass in the lake. The single-jointed, 2-piece body smoothly glides side to side in an S-shaped motion with short turns of the reel. The bait is equipped with 3X beefy treble hooks and rotating hook hangers to help keep your mondo from shaking-free. When fishing in clear water, this style of bait can cause fish to follow before biting. Experiment with your retrieve cadence to find what triggers strikes.


    ROF (Rate of Fall): 5.5ft

    How many feet does the lure sink in 10 seconds? It may vary slightly based on water temp.

      $29.99 通常価格
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