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Jackall Vibration TN60 Lipless Crankbait
  • Jackall Vibration TN60 Lipless Crankbait

    Jackall TN Lipless Crankbaits Series has a lot of great features such as stable swimming, castability, bottom searching ability, and quick positioning after the starting of swimming and the hitting the structure.  They are widely used for many game fishing both in freshwater and saltwater.  The biggest feature of this series is O.M.S (Out Metal System) having the high specific gravity tungsten weight at the mouth part.  This O.M.S, bringing the body the low center of gravity, realizes the stable flying posture, and stable action in super slow to fast retrieval. 



    Length: 2.4"

    Weight: .4 Ounces

    Type: Sinking

      $16.99 通常価格
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