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The lures we offer are the most realistic fishing lures I have ever seen and used.  Our 6 segmented fishing lures are designed to simulate real fish. They have life like 3D eyes, and realistic colors to look natural and mimic real swimming fish.


This lure has extremely sharp treble hooks that are rust-proof and hold your fish when you hook up.


This swimbait is great for fish like bass, trout, walleye, pike, yellow perch, musky, catfish, largemouth, smallmouth and so on. They can be used in both fresh water and saltwater.


This lure is 3.94’’ (10cm) long and they weigh 0.62 oz. (10.4g). This lure slowly sinks until retrieved.  The lures run at about 24”-36” below the surface when reeling them in. Each lure contains small bearings that rattle during the retrieve and induce fish to attack. Perfect for fishing around docks, weed beds, fallen trees, or limbs.


All lures are sold new and come in their own package.

Pine State Tackle 6 Segmented 3.94", .62oz Swimbait Lures Page 2

$5.99 Regular Price
$4.79Sale Price
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