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The AXIS Metal 2.0 is new and improved. We have added a little metal insert into the mouth of the metal bill to ensure longer lasting use out of your AXIS and a louder knock under water. The bill is also 10% smaller on the AXIS Metal 2.0 which gives it a more stable action. 


Diving 2-5ft, the Axis’ pivoting lip allows it to track true while randomly hunting side-to-side like a chased baitfish would. The end result is an action, sound, and vibration like no lure before it. Plus, it comes stock with premium, top-of-the-line hooks and lifelike paint schemes to ensure you get the best right out of the package.



Length:  68mm (2.6in)

Weight:  1/2oz

Dives:  2.5 feet

Hook Size:  #2 (front and back)

6th Sense AXIS Metal 2.0 Crankbait

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