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Introducing the Duke lipless crankbait, NOW available in two sizes to suit all fishing conditions:

Duke 65 - 5/8oz Version**: This larger size excels in extensive water coverage with its unique wide head design, creating a tighter vibration and a pronounced thumping action. Ideal for colder waters, it boasts an enhanced weighting system for superior casting. Its standout feature is the internal rattle system, producing a distinct noise that distinguishes it from other lipless crankbaits. Equipped with sharp hooks, premium hardware, and top-quality paint, the 5/8oz Duke is essential for anglers needing a loud rattle and tight wobble.


The Duke lipless crankbait provides unmatched performance, noise production, and durability, ensuring anglers have the right tool for every situation.



  • Unique wide head design gives the Duke a tighter vibration while also displacing water giving it a hard thumping action upon retrieve
  • The tighter wobble will improve the Duke’s effectiveness in colder water temperatures
  • Comes standard with super sharp hooks and premium hardware




Length:  2.5"

Weight:  5/8oz

Hook Size:  #4 (front and back)

6th Sense Duke 65 Lipless Crankbait

$11.99 Regular Price
$9.59Sale Price
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