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MAGDRAFT "Huslabor" is a new dimension of swimming manipulator with many movable sections that "always move" The ultra-realistic swimming shape with a 3-row body and ultra-thin joints, coupled with a live-fin, which moves with a slight water flow, reveals a lifelike swimming experience with just a spool. The supple action is also called a pseudo, creating a natural bait itself. The long jerk just below the water showcases instant moving escaping action that makes a real panic bait flees away. For targets that were chased in straight retrieve, switch the predator instinct with a jerk, and take it to the bite with a hit. Alternatively, the phenomenal predatory rate that can be eaten just by adding a simple move, such as the flickering that occurs in the moment of stopping and panic escapes that suddenly increase retrieval speed. Megabus exclusive MAGHOLD (PAT.P) system allows the hook to be magnetized into the body and camouflage the presence of the hook. Eliminates discomfort with tough targets and provides flexible and natural action The HASURAVER is a new presence that is able to adjust the lotus pattern in the reservoir, as well as other large bait patterns across the country, such as sweet, uguui, oikawa, and more.

Megabass Magdraft Hasu River Swimming Manipulator (From Japan) Swimbait

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