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This lure is different from traditional top water weedless frogs.  Traditional frog lures have dual hooks. 1 on each side of the body.  The body is soft which allows it to float.  The hooks point upwards and hug the outside of the abdomen so the lure does not get stuck on lilly pads or weeds.  Most of these lures has soft legs that try to imitate live frog legs when using stop & retrieve reeling or have soft rubber strands that drag behind the lure.  Our lure is different.  It still has the soft body and duel hooks on the side of the abdomen.


What makes it unique is it has propeller feet, much like the propeller on a whopper plopper, that spin when retrieved which cause splashing and vibration in the water which attracts and induces fish to bite.  There is also a 3rd stinger hook, that is also turned upward, behind the abdomen.  This stinger hook increases the chance of hooking a fish due to short strikes.


This lure has extremely sharp hooks that are rust-proof and hold your fish when you hook up.


This lure is great for fish like bass, walleye, pike, musky, largemouth, smallmouth and so on.


Perfect for fishing around lilly pads, docks, weed beds, fallen trees, or limbs.


This top water soft weedless bait is made with premium materials which are incredibly durable so you can fish with them for a long time.


All lures are sold new and come in their own package.

Pine State Tackle Stinger Weedless Frog Lure

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